September 16, 2022


Fairfax, VA (September 16, 2022) --- Leroy Van Dyke partners with Time Life to bring four of the country music legend’s albums to all major streaming platforms today, marking the first time that three of them have ever been available for streaming: “Headin’ West,” “At Your Request…” and “Live at the Cannery!!” Time Life is also reissuing “Golden Hits: The World’s Most Famous Auctioneer,” which was originally released in 1974 by Sun Records. Fans can now listen to multiple digital versions of his iconic song, “The Auctioneer,” 66 years after it was first released on September 15, 1956, as well as “Walk On By,” which spent 19 weeks at #1 on the country music chart, was a top 5 pop hit, earned Van Dyke a Grammy nomination and was ranked #2 on Newsweek’s list of Top 100 country songs of all time.

“Time Life has so many greatresources to reach people with, so it’s exciting to me that my fans - who have been with me for a long time - are going to be able to hear my songs this way,” says Van Dyke “At the same time, my music will be shared with new people that we wouldn’t have had a chance to interact with otherwise.”

The albums reissued this week include:

  •  “Headin’ West” was originally released in 1987, a collection of songs you might hear in classic western films such as “High Noon” and “3:10 to Yuma.”

  • “At Your Request…” was inspired by Van Dyke’s personal notes of the songs his fans would ask for most during his concerts. He assembled them into an album in 1997.

  • “Live at the Cannery!!” was recorded at the historic Nashville venue and includes the tongue-twister “Who’s Gonna Run the Truck Stop in Tuba City When I’m Gone,” which Van Dyke calls “probably the hardest song I’ve ever had to learn, with even more words than ‘The Auctioneer.’”

  • “Golden Hits: The World’s Most Famous Auctioneer” was released on Sun Records in 1974 and is the definitive collection of Van Dyke’s work up until that moment in his career.

Perhaps best known for his classic country hits “The Auctioneer” and “Walk On By,” Van Dyke has recorded over 500 songs during his career, hosted his own television series, “The Leroy Van Dyke Show,” as well as the Country Music Association Awards Show in 1965 and was founding co-host of “Country Crossroads,” the most syndicated show in radio history. He was the first artist to receive the Country Music Association’s Founding President’s Award, has been inducted into the North American Country Music, International, Hall of Fame and the National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame and joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1962.  Credited with being the first country music artist to feature a self-contained, staged, produced, choreographed show directed to the “Strip” in Las Vegas, Van Dyke broke attendance records at the Sahara Hotel and has toured relentlessly ever since and logged as many as 100,000 miles per year for decades.  He is still performing.

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Stream “Headin’ West” HERE.

Stream “At Your Request” HERE.

Stream “Live at the Cannery!!” HERE.

Stream “Golden Hits: The World’s Most Famous Auctioneer” HERE.