November 13, 2020


American Songwriter Premieres Live Video of

“Romeo’s Tune”

Filmed During The Concert

Fairfax, VA (November 13, 2020) --- GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Steve Forbert will bring his iconic album to life on November 13 with the digital release of Jackrabbit Slim Live In Asbury Park via Blue Rose, in association with Time Life. The concert performance, recorded at House of Independents in New Jersey last year, recreates Forbert’s collection of songs from 1979 that remain beloved by fans throughout the world and includes his Top 20 global hit “Romeo’s Tune.” American Songwriter premiered the video of his “Romeo’s Tune” performance, filmed during the concert. Listen to the album HERE.

“To me, the challenge of songwriting is to create something that will stand the test of time,” says Forbert. “The Jackrabbit Slim LP is hanging in there pretty well. After 40 years, people tell me the songs on this record still have an emotional resonance for them - one that's not just a nostalgia thing.” “I was celebrating the 40th anniversary of this album,” he explains about the album’s concept. “Recreating an album on stage is a little like performing a play, it has to be a certain way. The audience clearly has a more defined sort of expectation.” One expectation Forbert opted to defy was the set list, deviating from the tracklisting order on the album with the audience in mind. “Clearly, ‘Romeo's Tune’ is my best-known song so I had to save it for the end of the show as I usually do. However, the final Jackrabbit track, ‘January 23-30,’ has to be the last word whenever performed because of the finality of its lyrics. So, I had to plan on an encore after “Romeo’s Tune” in order to end the concert with ‘It’s often said that life is strange, but compared to what?’”

The lyrics of two other songs played a big role in the live album as well. “Through the years I've written several new verses to ‘Complications,’” explains Forbert. “This rendition adds 2012's Hurricane Sandy, the increasingly popular gas guzzling, four-by-four American pick-up truck and Jeb Bush during his 2016 primary run.” “Regrettably, ‘The Oil Song’ often requires updating,” he continues, “including, of course, the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. Just this month I had to add yet another verse because of yet another spill.”

               ‘The Isle of Mauritius is suff'ring today,

               Expecting the worse, so the people there say,

               A Japanese oil ship is leaking offshore,

               A one thousand metric ton crisis outpour...’

Forbert is joined by The New Renditions on Jackrabbit Slim Live In Asbury Park. “The New Renditions make it easy for me to feel confident about recreating a forty-year-old work like Jackrabbit and having a good time with it.”

Regarded amongst critics and fans alike as one of the most dependable American troubadours of our time, Forbert has released 20 albums in his career. The New York Times has described him as, “at heart he has always been an introspective, homespun philosopher who muses out loud in folksy vignettes that show him to be at once ingenious and canny,” and BBC Radio raves that he has “one of the most distinctive voices anywhere.” Forbert’s songs have been covered by a wide range of artists, from Keith Urban and Rosanne Cash to Marty Stuart and John Popper. He published his memoir Big City Cat: My Life in Folk-Rock in 2018, was inducted into the Mississippi Musician’s Hall of Fame in 2016 and was the recipient of Mississippi’s Governor’s Arts Award earlier this year. In May, he released “Early Morning Rain,” his first collection of cover songs since his GRAMMY-nominated tribute to Jimmy Rodgers, “Any Old Time,” in 2002.

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